Getting To Know Me

So, here I am. Nick, T-Bone, a former smoker turned cloud chaser. I started smoking Black and Milds back in the fall of 2013. From there I went from buying one or two cigars whenever I wanted one, to buying two or three packs just to go to a concert with friends.

Then in July of 2014, I got an upper respiratory infection that lasted almost a month. After experiencing the extreme side effects of sucking ash, I tried to quit cold turkey. Sad thing is, I had started developing small cravings that nothing would satisfy and that all too familiar oral fixation. At that time I was working at a gas station and decided to try one of the brands of cigalike. This worked for a while, but after my girlfriend used up all of the cartridges, I decided to look for something more.

I walked into my local vape shop with my 650 mAH evod battery and fell in love with the alternative to smoking that is vaping. I learned more about dripping and soon was building my own coils and started moving away from my little starter battery and dove into the realm of dripping. The more I learned about battery safety, different rdas, mods, what have you, vaping was no longer a means to quit smoking for me but an amazing and fun hobby.

I want to use this blog to showcase new products in the store as well as provide a platform for discussion about common topics in the vape community. I basically want to be here to answer questions and help educate the up and coming vaper.

Introduce yourself in the comments, feel free to post questions, feedback, etc.

This is T-bone at AGV, keep your batteries safe and your juice flowing.

Keep chucking, until next time.

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