A Look at Vaping Etiquette

There is a lot of grey area regarding vaping in public due to the lack of concrete rules or laws put in place. Many people would say, “T-bone, it’s not harmful to anyone and there is no danger to those around me while I’m vaping.” With the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention less than 48 hours from slamming into Atlanta, but who’s counting, I thought it’d be a good time to touch on vaping in public.

To reply to that thought, I completely agree with you. You wouldn’t be anywhere close to wrong in thinking this. However, remember the old adage ‘sharing is caring?’ This applies to public space, not just the awesome things in the toy box in preschool. People don’t want to have the interests of others forcefully thrust upon them which is what we do when one of us vapes in a public space. Think about that guy in Starbucks, or anywhere really, that decides to blast his music over the music already being played in the store, or the person watching a video or playing a game without headphones on the bus. No one wants to hear this, just like no one wants to walk through a cloud you just blew when they are trying to buy some chips at Wal Mart. Look at it this way, if it’s illegal or inappropriate to smoke in an establishment, vaping there is going to be looked down upon just as much.

Most non smokers or non vapers don’t understand the difference between vaping and smoking. And while there aren’t many places that ban vaping outright, vaping anyway just makes it harder for the rest of us. Shop owners and event planners could become so fed up with people vaping inside that they either ban vaping in their individual places of business or, the absolute worst case scenario, they petition local government representatives to issue public use bans. Don’t be that guy that gets this wonderful alternative to smoking permabanned.

In short, don’t be sophomoric and think, “I’m not smoking, so I can vape wherever I want.” Yes, you are indeed not smoking; NO, you can’t vape wherever you want. If you absolutely need a hit, be courteous and step outside. If it can wait, it’s not worth slapping the vaping community with more negative connotations just so you can have a hit of your favorite liquid.

I don’t want to sound mean, but I also don’t want my hobby, and the thing that helped me to quit smoking, to get banned… by anyone.

This is T-bone at AGV, keep your batteries safe and your juice flowing.

Keep chucking, until next time.

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