The WISMEC Presa TC40W

Okay, so I’m going to be doing something a little different this week. If you couldn’t tell by the title of this post, this will be a review of the WISMEC Presa TC40W. I’ve been using one of these little guys for a little over three weeks now and I’ve put it through the ringer. I wouldn’t say that I have been rough on it, I’ve just tried every setting with various builds and atomizers. Before we get too far in to my opinions about this device, let’s talk specifications.

This is a 40 watt device, with traditional wattage and temperature control from 1 watt up to 40 watts. It has a 2300 mAh internal battery with micro USB pass through. Stable down to .15 in wattage mode and .05 in temperature control. It has a temperature lock where if the battery reaches 70 Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit), output will stop and the device will lock up until the battery cools down to a safe temperature. That’s a pretty cool safety feature if you ask me. The Presa has a super ergonomical, full metal body with venting on the button that runs the side of the device.  The 510 connection is spring loaded and just to the side there is a button lock switch. Hooray for not having to worry about putting this thing in your pocket! Some general use points: five clicks of the fire button turns the device on and off, three clicks, when it’s on, changes from wattage to nickel or titanium mode, and the up and down buttons are on the side of the fire button.

Now to get into the pros and cons. Pros: feels super nice to hold, has a button lock, hits like a truck with a tank on it, unique fire switch, USB pass through charging, sturdy metal body, and stable down to .15 in wattage mode and .05 in temp control. Cons: it only goes up to 40 watts, the battery life isn’t awful but it isn’t amazing. There aren’t a whole lot of cons and those that I found are pretty subjective.

Overall, I really like the Presa. If you’re the kind of person that uses tanks most of the day, this is perfect for you. While it is stable at some really low ohm ratings, the Presa TC40W doesn’t have the power to give a satisfying vape on a dripper. I personally prefer to drip over using a tank, but I fell in love with this little guy. I would recommend getting one for the sole fact that you can charge it up, fill a tank, be able to be out and about without having to carry a ridiculous amount of batteries and juice bottles with you, and be set for the day. It’s great for outtings.

You can find this little baby at various online stores. I have found a pretty good one right here. We also have them in our store for you to try and buy.

This is T-bone at AGV, keep your batteries safe and your juice flowing.

Keep chucking, until next time.

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