What to Expect from the Impending Regulations

I know that it’s been a while since I last wrote up a post, but I’m back.

There has been a lot of chatter about the FDA and regulations. This is happening and you are kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. The FDA, backed by the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, plan to intensely regulate the vaping industry as if we were the same as cigarettes. These deeming regulations classify vaping as part of the tobacco industry, meaning we are subject to the same types of regulations and fees. Here is what you need to know about the proposed regulations and what I think about them.

  1. They get implemented August 8th, 2016
  2. There is a two year compliance period that companies have to get all information and fees to the government so they can continue making their products.
  3. Production companies will have to pay ridiculous fees to stay in business. It’s something like one fee per part of a mod or tank and one fee per flavor per nicotine level. I mean, what? If this isn’t a direct attack at innovation of devices and flavors, then I’m the bloody Queen of England.
  4. Free sampling will be illegal. I still don’t understand exactly why this will become a thing, I guess it has something to do with taxes. I’m not super sad about this one from a shop employee stand point. It prevents people from coming in and wasting our time because they want to try but not buy, which I get but it is also frustrating and a waste of our tester juice.
  5. Trading, second hand selling, and giving devices to people will become illegal. Then how are we supposed to show people a better alternative to smoking?

Basically, the purpose of this bill is to regulate the industry to the ground and make it so that the tobacco companies dominate the playing field with substandard, overpriced products. Being a part of this industry in recent months has opened my eyes to who really runs this country.

Hello? Do our governing bodies have brains? Yes, some of them do. The Senate, White House, and Department of Homeland Security all sent letters to the FDA demanding explanations and changes to the bill (the White House already forced the flavor restrictions to be lifted). The Senate demanded explanations for why this bill even came about, for in the almost 500 page document it is stated that the FDA doesn’t have enough evidence to say that vaping is positive or negative yet they are regulating the absolute bejesus out of it.

There is hope for the future of vaping, but how long we have to wait to come out on the other side of the tunnel is anyone’s guess.

This is T-bone, at AGV. Keep your batteries safe and your juice flowing.

Keep chucking, until next time.

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